Accurate Locators company has been a metal detector manufacturer & distributor since 1992 for dealers, treasure hunters, gold prospectors & utilities companies world-wide. this Company has been providing the best industry standard metal detectors for treasure hunting, gold prospecting and locating under-ground cable, pipe and utilities. The company products have been used by many sectors of the US Government and many mining type operations including the likes of Westinghouse, Bureau of Land Management, Bechtel, Graybar, U.S. Army, Navy and Marines.
Since the very beginning, Accurate Locators has begun to develop metal detectors and 3D software for research companies, armies, naval forces, and more. The company's products are designed to find valuable materials such as gold, precious metals, Mining operations, underground pipe exploration, mirroring, etc. can be the best option. In addition to producing pulsed metal detectors, the company owns three dimensional imaging products and video detectors that are well-known for their excellent performance and are today one of the leading metal detectors companies that have been able to Engage a lot of people with their products. Accurate Locators is currently manufacturing pulsed metal detectors, penetrating radars, video detectors and other metal detection products. The company is the first blanket antenna manufacturer to develop metal detectors with a blanket metal detector, and the right to build the product was first registered in 2013 for the Accurate Locators Company in the United States.
The company's newest product is a metal detector Pin Pointer PX900 policy that has been produced in 2017 and is quite unique in its kind. The company has always strived to produce quality and efficiency pave the way to various targets all users. All products of this company are manufactured and supplied at the highest standards of the world under the supervision of the United States Standard Organization.