Blanket device has a depth of 5 meters is true that you can easily to a variety of precious metals, treasures, coins etc. Get it. This device can also provide data in 3D, so you can find more information about the target. The antenna is like a blanket, which makes it possible for you to search for a large amount of space using that area. You can also drag or drop a blanket metal detector into the device, or search for it.
You can explore the device well on the ground well.The device blanket can be used in any type of climate, weather (rain, snow, dry, wet, etc.) any ground material (salt marsh, forest, desert, mountains, sand, etc.) to explore it.See Blank Importer Blank Antenna. Cover the area with this cover to find gold quicker than handheld metal detectors. An optional 6-foot antenna contains a pull rod for a tug. This antenna can reach a depth of 15 feet.
Impeller coils and winding impeller with magnetometer and silicone blanket. Wear-resistant bonding connector on 17.8 "high speed. Installing PVC rod on towing hook. Velcro transport joints. Installation of a hand bar for 3 feet. This antenna can be towed or pulled. And it's easier to pull from behind than the usual rods and rounds.The scan of this antenna can also be added to the 3D imaging unit to increase the detection and detection power by a factor of three. The blanket design has so far had a very small history, with square-shaped antenna technology to increase susceptibility even in harsh and rough areas.

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