Dominator pro

DIMITRATOR PRO is a successful system that can, with all the features and capabilities, detect all the desired purposes of the operator in all conditions, and do not miss any goals with its advanced technology and inform all of them. Operate the operator.
This metal detector can be considered as the best and most responsive system for exploring the different locations and climatic conditions and types of land, which in every situation shows the best response and function, so that when exploring this system in areas Sluggishly and with great eagerness, the sensitivity of this system to metals and items of value more than before, and a two-way sensitivity study that other metal detectors reject in such conditions may be error-prone and generate additional signals Interfere in their function.
Some of the features of this powerful device, 3D Dominion software, Target analysis with high transparency and GPS, and the ability to convert geotagging software mapping software and 3D software. Goal analysis with high clarity for Pin Punter antenna; This software has GPS and converting mapping capability. American Arithmetic Rails Timepiece Pin Pinter Peru Toshiba Panasonic with Internal GPS Antenna 12-inch High-Definition High-Definition Antenna 20-Inch 36-Inch Antenna Pin-Pointer Antenna Definition Purpose New control unit with 16x cis sensitivity The American standard video

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