One of the newest technologies used in the construction of a DOUBLE MAGNUM metal detector system is the addition of the Live mode scan" system to this metal detector, which is known as the Live Image of the Earth, which no longer requires the" operator to perform exploring routes There are numerous ways in which to find the hidden objects in each direction along the route, but also the operator on any path using this technology can find all the targets in the area that generate the signals.
The eosurveyor software is one of the most powerful software for analyzing data and displaying information in metal detector systems. This metal detector also has this software, the function of this software is in such a way that multiple images simultaneously An area gives you a top view and a series of information about the side view of the scanned image, which will enable the operator to understand complete information about goals such as size, shape, gender, and depth of the target, and all Receive information through this system.
This device uses a depth of 8 meters can all the treasures and treasure and a variety of precious metals to find and provide complete operator of the goals notify the appropriate system to explore every area and every type Earth is without any interference in its operation.

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