PI Penetrator 5500

The PI Penetrator 5500 Metal Detector is one of the best systems available on the market, which, with its high depth and precision and excessive sensitivity, has become one of the most advanced metal detecting systems to be used by operators in different locations.
The power of receiving frequencies and the accuracy of this device has made the device popular among the explorers. You can use this device to explore precious metals, treasures, coins, etc. in the depths of the earth and get the best results. The true depth of exploration of the PI Penetrator 5500 is a true six meter gauge that you can explore and explore all the metals to this depth of exploration.
The PI Penetrator 5500 has a high resolution capability that can detect the frequency of valuable and priceless metals on extremely polluted soils without interfering with their frequencies, and provide the operator with it. This metal detector has anti-wear polymer coils that can, in addition to identifying valuable metals, detect gold streaks and small gold particles in the soil. This device can search and explore with a short amount of time, which will save you time. The PI Penetrator 5500 is a premium product of the precision locators company with a 12 volt battery pack, which allows you to explore more time.

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