Pin pointer Pro

The pin pointer metal detector is one of the best in the field of metalworking. With precise function and advanced technology, all the targets on Earth can be found.The Pin POINTER Gold Viewer has a full color screen that lets you safely scan this screen at night and in dark places. The device is lightweight and very small so the explorers can easily carry it.
The PIN POINTER device has an exploration depth of 10 meters so you can identify valuable metals, treasures, coins, etc., and display the data in a 3D viewer. Using this feature, the operator can have the type of gender, gender value, depth Identify the genus and explore it. The 3D-dimensionality of this device allows the operator to accurately analyze the target's target and can find out all the target information found.
This device has a system that considers a specific number for each object and metal, for example, the number 2 for gold, after displaying it, the number 2 will be displayed. You can change these numbers arbitrarily and select for any desired numeric metal. The resolution of this device is very high and it can detect the presence of metals. It works well in contaminated land and can operate the frequency of valuable metals from the value without interfering with their frequency, and detect the metals It is worthwhile to ignore. It can be used with high power to detect small particles with high fidelity and accuracy, as well as its three dimensional design, which makes it possible to identify the cavities and tunnels in the ground.

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