Pin Pointer PX900

The PX900 is a state of the art ground pulsing instrument that is well suited for both the utility locator as well as the professional treasure hunter. It has advanced software which makes operating the unit and data analysis much simpler than other brands available. Added as an additional pulse method the PX900 can detect the strongest and weakest point of a target as well as estimating depth, and can penetrate deeper than most other instruments. This unit can be used with all USA pulsing SYSTEMS.
The PinPoint Metal Detector is the latest product of Akurite Lokitores Inc., which produced its second pulse product with unique features. This device has many capabilities and, despite the great experience with the production of our first pulse device, we produced this device with the following capabilities.
 This device has a unique menu for all possible configurations in a digital setting with the option of displaying options and the ability to keep the last option set and save all the settings inside the device, the ability to digitally change the frequency in Hz to Hz, which is the first digital digital detector capable Digital setting of frequency and pulse widths in a wide range, the ability to find the automatic digital loop used in fraction of seconds, along with the ability to manually set the operator manual, the ability to adapt to soil and various environmental conditions, including weather (without Eating Balance), the ability to adjust the directional direction of the speed Having more stability and eliminating some weak or small targets, the possibility of digital digital adjustment and integration intervals on the recurrence wave to further stabilize or sensitize metal detectors to different metals, another feature of this metal detector, the power in detecting the cavity and tunnel Underground, along with the iron removal system, FE, NON-FE display and iron display capabilities from other devices.
The system displays the separation number for various purposes and several different types of sound depending on the operator's choice, including the change of sound from the distance from the metal and the separation of audio to the operator, which more accurately identifies the depth and sex of the target. With Digital Meter to detect the power of the senses and pin point and speculation, the depth of the device's performance has multiplied, and the filters and effective settings for noise reduction have added to the value and performance of this device.
 Possibility of filtering solutes and particles through effective settings in this field, it is possible to adjust the brightness and contrast of the LCD screen digitally, having a final range (more than 15 meters) and a separation board for the detection of iron and the separation number Up to 80% of the device's sibling, which is unique in this regard among all metal detectors.

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