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Pro Accumaster Series is a geological gold detector that is also designed for the reliable location of ground voids, popular places for hiding gold treasures (caves, tunnels, bunkers, tombs etc). Pro Accumaster Series will locate only large masses of gold,metals, mineral ore and subsurface water. Pro Accumaster Series geophysical gold detector has been proven in archaeology, geology, mining, gold & treasure hunting applications.  The advantages of a geological detector like Pro Accumaster Series compared to the hand held metal detectors is the total rejectionagainst small objects buried near the ground surface.

Metal trash fragments, gun shells, aluminum foil do not interfere while hunting for the large, deep buried gold targets, such as a treasure chest. The usage of Pro Accumaster Series geological gold detector is simple, therefore does not require an experienced user. The geological detector panel is built in a waterproof carry case, that includes an external 12 volt / 7,2 Ah battery

For the location, the supplied 4 ground rods are hammered into the soil, in a square format covering the uspected area, up to 314 sq. meters. Each ground rod connects through a wire to the geological detector panel, where every probe pair has a numbered test switch. Total 6 switches for the 4 sides and the 2 diagonal pairs (X readings) of the square. By pressing its correspondent test switch, all probe pairs. one by one, transmit a high electrical voltage known as “carrier wave” into the ground. The Pro Accumaster Series geological gold detector instantly measures and displays on a target meter, the total electrical resistivity value received from the area between those probes.

The underground resistivity changes with factors like voids, metals or water. Target meter features a scale in OHM resistivity values with colored categories for metals ( gold, silver, copper, iron) minerals, water deposits and ground voids.

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