The SSP-2100 Pulse Induction Metal Detector Discriminator has proven to find gold with its unique combination of Metal Detector and Magnetometer that works hand in hand to detect “Eddy Currents” and “Ferrous Metals”. Using Pulse Induction technology you can quickly discriminate between Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals. The Discriminator can detect larger objects buried approximately10 feet (2.5M) deep with the 1×1 meter coil.

The SSP-2100 Pulse Induction Metal Detector Discriminator comes with everything you need.

Standard Equipment:
- Control box in a leather cover
- 1m x 1m Square Discriminating coil
- 5” Round non-discriminating coil
- 14” Round non-discriminating coil
- 18" Round non-discriminating coil
- Handle for Coils
- Rechargeable battery system
- Pack for external power supply
- Deluxe Big bag
- Manual
PLUS Bonus Extra Parts!
- 18" Round Discriminating Coil
- Spare Rechargeable Battery
- Spare Charger
- Extension Cable

 Attention: This device is made in Detech Co and is licensed by AccrateLocators Co.

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