Zond 12e GPR Dual Channel Control Unit from Radar Systems is a powerful combination of Ground Penetrating Radar and computer software. The Zond is capable of reaching targets with depths of up to 30 meters. The Metal Detector ZOND GPR is a very powerful GPR system capable of exploring deep depths. With this metal detector, you can see the advancement of technology and experience success with it. In addition to having features that most devices have, it also has other features that distinguish it from others.
The system has an electromagnetic radar (GPR) function that can provide the received data and scanned images with its high quality display and can be thoroughly scanned at depths of 30 meters, since the system has antennas Equipped with a new feature that has not been available in the previous models, the 8 antennas used have increased the depth of search and search accuracy, as well as a 100 MHz two-level, 100-MHz antenna system that optimally works. The device is effective so you can know the depth of any metal and if you want to dig it. Zayed The system has a dedicated, high-quality monitor that allows you to find the exact location and depth of the target, which by default has the Windos-xp operating system.The zond GPR professional tracker for a variety of industrial and mining operations, finds treasures, tunnels and holes, and is well-equipped with a metal separation system that does not pay attention to the inert metals and the signals received from them in their work. Does not interfere. This device, in addition to approval by the public and its users, is also approved by the FCC of the United States of America, which eliminates any doubts about it, and other advantages include 3 years warranty and 5 years of support service after Sales. These are all features that make this metal detector one of the best.
This device has many features that make the device different from other devices and has become popular among explorers. This device has a full color monitor that displays all the data in the data. Zond GPR image explorer Zond GPR is based on the electromagnetic system (GPR) system to obtain all the precious metals and to provide the information available to the operator on its own screen and can use this feature The gender itself, gender, gender, and gender

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